Which celebrity would you have at your graduation and why?

Your Voice: Wits University students have their say on which celebrity they would invite to graduation and why? Some interesting answers!

“At my graduation I would like to have Vusi Thembakwayo (business speaker), reason being I’d like to mirror what he has achieved as well as looking at his past and what he’s achieved in life. That’s what I’d like to do as well and yeah, follow his footsteps”

Mbuso Zwane, BCom Finance, 2nd year

09_Mbuso copy



“I’d bring Sarah Jakes (motivational speaker) along, because she is authentic. She is an inspiration to me because she keeps it real, and her truth inspires me to be more of myself and to keep pushing myself to the next level”

Nonkululeko Nkambule, Metallurgical Engineering, 4th year

09_Nonkululeko copy



“Former President Thabo Mbeki, because he is someone I really look up to. I like the way he thinks, and the way he approaches things and just him as a person”

Oratilwe Moloantwa, BCom, 3rd year

09_Oratilwe copy



“I would choose Donald Trump to show him that in South Africa anybody from any nationality can get a degree and work towards the benefit of the country regardless of religion or race”

Tevin Ramalu, BA Law, 1st year

09_Tevin copy



“My self-esteem because it hasn’t been around for a while and at least it gets to come around for graduation”

Wesley Fletcher, LLB, 2nd year

09_Wesley copy



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